Tourism is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries. This continuous growth will create stress on biologically diverse habitats and indigenous cultures. Which are often used to support mass tourism.

As a company that promotes sustainable tourism we are sensitive to these dangers and seek methods to protect sensitive tourist destinations and attractions. We request tourists to use our sustainable tours and help to reduce the impact of tourism in many ways you can:

We inform the guests on cultural differences and economy of the communities visited before arrival;

We help the guest to understand and respecting local cultures, expectations and assumptions;

We help the communities by supporting the integrity of local cultures by favoring businesses which conserve cultural heritage and traditional values;

We support local economies by purchasing local goods and participating with small, local businesses. In our tour operations we try to conserve resources by seeking out suppliers that are environmentally conscious, and by using the least possible amount of non-renewable resources .Our tours are carried out with great care towards the communities and places we visit, respecting the cultural norms and environmental sustainability of each location.

Eco friendly hotels, Environment friendly transportation, reducing the use of plastics, even planting a tree during the tour etc or simply put “Reducing the carbon foot print while on tour”.