Why do you need a travel agent at all? We have long arrived in the future.  Today, anyone can buy a plane ticket, book a hotel, read restaurant reviews, and explore the streets from the comfort of their own home. All this, however, won’t come close to the services of a good travel agent and we are better than good. Our job is not to save you the time to scroll through sites and compile your bookings. What we offer, you will never find online. Tell us the direction, and we know where to turn before you have opened your browser. We have lived here our entire lives, and we have worked in travel planning for decades. Every member of our team is a consummate professional that focuses on the specific needs of different travelers twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Passion Travel functions as a Destination Management Company that provides all the travel related services under one roof. You could make a hotel reservation, get your transport need fulfilled, book a flight ticket or a full fledged Tour in Sri Lanka reserved with us.