There is more to travel than just a physical change of place. It has a component that few travel agents are aware of or care for: a spiritual element that can open up a wellspring of new experiences for you.

Sri Lanka is the perfect destination to filter out the spiritual aspect of your journey, and we can help you get there. Sri Lanka is a spiritual country not just in a religious sense: besides temples and sacred festivals, there is a wealth of spiritual experiences to indulge in.

Think yoga with a like-minded instructor. Think deep, holistic meditation in the middle of breathtaking tropical nature. Think quiet retreats far away from the noises and stress of civilization, think complete relaxation, think cleansing, think peace of mind.

This is what a meditative journey is about, and what we can offer you. It might be the most individual of travels, but we are well prepared to work for you and with you to create something completely customized to you.