Some moments in life are unique, and you have one chance to get them right with Passion Travel.

Your honeymoon, of course, is one of these moments, and you have the opportunity to create the memories you will treasure for a lifetime.

It constitutes your first journey as a married couple, your first experience together after saying your vows. It is a magical, precious thing that can take on many forms: mini- or maxi-moon, splendour and luxury or boots-on-the-ground adventure.

Whatever you envision, Sri Lanka has it, and we will make it happen. You will be hard pressed to find more spectacular vistas or sun-kissed beaches, better resorts or friendlier people than here. Whether you go to the sea or the hill country with its waterfalls and fog-shrouded tea plantations, to the temple-topped mountains or the sprawling national parks with their elephants and leopards: Sri Lanka can be one of the most romantic locations on Earth.

From the welcome champagne to a polished video reel and everything in between: we will put together the spectacular honeymoon trip of a lifetime for you.