Travel in Rural Sri Lanka

Among hundreds of touristic sites, Sri Lanka is also home for an enormous non touristic locations. These are the true hidden gems in Sri Lanka. In such locations, one could enjoy the authentic Sri Lanka in it’s true form. The non mainstream tourist sites in Sri Lanka are scattered around the country spreading from Jaffna to the central highlands to the south coast. You could enjoy among the fisher communities on a seclude beach faraway from popular beach destination. Battalangunduwa, Delft Island & Mannar Island are some prime example for such rural Sri Lankan beach attractions.

Reaching to the central highlands you could explore areas close to Knuckle’s range such as Attanwala, Ududumbara or Kohonawala which is closer to Badulla. Such non touristic Sri Lankan sites will help you discover various communities with specialized cultures. Their natural way of life will help a visitor to get an insight in to amazing local cuisines, unique traditions & beliefs. However reaching out to non touristic, rural Sri Lankan sites is not a straightforward thing to do. It is important to not to offend them, not to criticize their beliefs & most importantly to not to disturb their peaceful lifestyles. You must always remember to not to pollute the nature they live & to avoid conflict. As much as we as travel agents would encourage & help you in numerous ways to mingle with such communities, we would remind you to preserve things as they are. To discover rural , uncommon & non touristic Sri Lankan sites we could assist you with a range of accommodation options & transport methods. We could make introductions to such communities guaranteeing your safety & the preservation of nature & culture they live. 

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